In 1982, designer Ralph Lauren purchased the Double RL Ranch just west of Ridgway, Colorado. Allison Construction was selected to restore and remodel existing structures such as "The Little Brown" pictured above, as well as The Cook Shack, and The Vance Barn, where some of the original Marlboro commercials were filmed.

Designed by award winning architects Gibson & Reno, this structure has been featured in design publications throughout the country. Allison Construction played an important role in making their blueprints a reality.

One of Allison Constructions most interesting projects has been the beautiful southwestern style home of Dennis and Gerry Weaver. Called an Earthship, this home's main building materials consist of over 3000 used tires, 100,000 aluminum cans and packed earth. This home, tucked into the hillside just northwest of Ridgway, requires very little maintenance and holds a constant temperature winter and summer.